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David W. Maves

Composer Emeritus

Music Department

School of the Arts

College of Charleston

Maves' Köchel Catalog 

This page is being reconstructed, please email me with any questions or problems encountered while trying to find files or music (the sound files are not hooked up yet). Much of my music is available as free downloads (letter sized 8 1/2 by 11"). Or high level bound copies are available, usually at between $10 and $20 per copy for larger works. Clicking the Köchel  Catalog should provide access to the available works. Music on the two latest CDs is available as downloads from iTunes, and as streaming audio at Classical Archives. (See below.)


This web page/site is really an attempt to get my life in order and get together all of my works in one place (or at least a list of them in one place) and to find out what I actually have to show for this life. It (like most web sites) is a work in progress which advances as I get the time and the inclination to add to my collected list of scores and other efforts. Someday perhaps it will be complete. Most my works will eventually end up cataloged in the Köchel  Catalog.

Active as Composer-in-Residence at the College of Charleston, South Carolina, for over 27 years, David W. Maves has composed over 200 works of which over half are published. A list of his compositions includes symphonies, concertos, works for symphonic band, works for chorus, an opera, Bodas de Sangre (Blood Wedding), text in Spanish by Federico García Lorca), much chamber music, some Gebrauchsmusik, and works for organ, harpsichord, and early music instruments (recorders and viols). Current (2005) projects include 2 concertos, one for guitar and one for piano, and a second opera, and various short works.

He was born in 1937 in Salem, Oregon and studied with Homer Keller at the University of Oregon (B.M. 196l), Ross Lee Finney and Leslie Bassett at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor (D.M.A. 1971). In 1964 he was appointed Ford Foundation Composer-in-Residence in Raleigh, NC, and since has received various other awards including several ASCAP awards, and two Sigma Alpha Iota Inter-American Awards. His four Piano Sonatas have been recorded (1996) by pianist Max Lifchitz, and Sonatas II, III, and IV published by MMB Music, St. Louis (the First Sonata is published by C. F. Peters). Maves is working on a series of publications and recordings of works for pipe organ, and another series of works for guitar.

Some review quotes:


Discography Three CD recordings:


These first 2 CDs are readily available from North South Consonance in New York

ALSO, CDs 1 & 2 are available as downloads @ iTunes...


AND available as well streaming on line (either through individual subscription, OR through libraries which subscribe to this service at: Classicalarchives.eom

1 ) David Maves, the Piano Sonatas, North South Consonance CD # R 1008
(Pianist, Max Lifchitz)

2 ) No, Nonet, North South Consonance CD # R 1052

(Piano soloist, Helen Lin, Conductor, Max Lifchitz)

3 ) Fantasy for Cello and Percussion on "American Tango" released by Cala Records Ltd, London England Calla Records Ltd.

(Artists Dwight Thomas, Percussion; & Mark Motycka, cello.)

Cala Records, Inc. (US)
P.O. Box 89
Stevenson, MD 21153
In the United States
Telephone: (410) 653-590
In the United Kingdom and Europe
Telephone: (410) 653-5900


Representative awards:
Two Sigma Alpha Iota awards for American Music (composition)
Several South Carolina Project and Fellowship awards
Meet the Composer Awards in South Carolina and New York
ASCAP awards yearly since 1979




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You can download many of Maves' works as  . letter sized pdf files.

In addition, several works are published by MMB, and C.F. Peters have become available through the following address:

Go there (address above--or CLICK HERE and search under composer for Maves works.

For a more complete list of published works by category go to Maves' Köchel Catalog

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