Climbing the Ladder (forTrumpet and Piano) 2002


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I Annunciation, view: Score page I: Download (score) Trumpet in B-flat part download

II Enunciation, view: Score page II: Download (score) Trumpet in C part download

III Denunciation, view: Score page III: Download (score) Trumpet in D part download

Published: DAPrint Total Duration 10'

Premiere: Greg Schoonover trpt. with William D. Gudger, Charleston SC, November 2003

Program Notes: Mr. Gudger and Mr. Schoonover (see above) are frequent musical collaborators in concerts throughout the the Charleston, SC, area, where I live, and my thought was to write three contrasting works for them--each for a different trumpet. The first: a kind of solemn, "cool" anthem for B-flat trumpet, the second: a humorous parody of a childhood nonsense song for trumpet in C, and the third: a more virtuostic work emphasizing the brighter color of the trumpet in D. This work origionally saw life as Three studies for Trumpet and Organ.



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