Three Children's Choral Songs 1966

Program Notes:

These works were written primarily to be used as classroom teaching pieces for grade school music classes and/or for children's choral performances. They have been performed in public by choirs at various levels including being programmed as a novelty works by college groups.[N.B. There is a new company now which is named the American Book Company (in the Educational Instructional materials, Software etc. area) They would appreciate not being contacted about this earlier, now out of print series of textbooks for children K-12.]

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I Gargoyle
II The Unicorn
III Rows are Strange
Premieres: March 1966, Raleigh NC, in the Raleigh public school system series, conducted by the composer. These works was first published by The (now defunct) American Book Company: in their New Dimensions in Music series © 1970. They are available here as Adobe PDF files.

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