Trio for Brass 1958

(for B-flat trumpet, F horn and tenor trombone)

Score Samples Movements I, II, III

Download: Score and parts

Published: DA Print Duration 7'

Premiere: Student group at the University of Oregon in the Spring of 1958

Program notes A pdf version (letter sized) of this work is online. A 10 X 13" bound copy is available from DAPrint for $8 plus shipping.

DOWNLOAD MUSIC (20 pages, 8 1/2 X 11") Movement I, II, III.

DOWNLOAD Title Page and Performance notes (2 pages, 8 1/2 X 11")
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Program notes:

This 7 minute work was one of the very first that I ever composed. I had just decided to become a composition major in my junior year at the University of Oregon (1957). This was my first assignment--working with my very fine teacher at the University of Oregon: Homer Keller. A nice enough little thing, it won't hurt anybody, and might be fun for brass groups to practice, or to play in recital. The first movement is a study in imitation; the second a little choral, and the third a dance in almost a scherzo form. It is not difficult and has been performed by high school and college groups several times.


  Score Page Mvt. I


Score Page Mvt. II


Score Page Mvt. III