D to A (for trombone & computer sounds) 1974

Published: DA Print Duration 7'

Premiere: Ken Shriffrin, Duke University, Durham, NC, March, 1974 Performance Notes: Performance requirements:

Program notes A pdf version (letter sized) of this work is... here online. A 10 X 13" bound copy is available from DAPrint (link above) for $8 plus shipping. Just up (July 15th 2004): the sound files that are supposed to go with the trombone part, now you 900 + guys who've downloaded the music can perform this work with the computer sounds either as a streaming mp3 file, if you like to live dangerously, or as a zip file to to stored and used later with your own electronic equipment. Note: if you are just listening to the sounds without the score in front or you, the first half of the file has almost no sound after the start signal, last half is where you hear more the kind of sounds that accompany (conflict with) the trombone part.

Score Sample (first page)

Stream sound OR--Download .zip file (to store and use later)

DOWNLOAD MUSIC (7 pages, 8 1/2 X 11")

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Program notes:

D to A (Digital to Analog) was composed when I was a beginning teacher and composer at Duke University in 1973. Barry Vercoe,( now at MIT) was in town doing a workshop and explaining his new Music 360 program for the I.B.M. 360 computer. We were all trying out his program, keypunching cards...the whole bit.

My experiments with this program resulted in an array of sounds many of which were used in this work. (Dr. Shiangtai Tuan, of Duke University, and I even wrote a beginner's manual detailing these experiments and the program which become out of date before we were finished and was thus, never published.)

Then, teaming up with a brash young trombonist, Ken Shiffrin, who was a student at Duke then, Ken and I cobbled together this "scherzo" which became a kind of man against the machine competition combined with the above mentioned computer experiments.

Ken, and others, have performed this work several times, with, if not great, at least humorous, effect, but publishers could never figure out how to economically offer the work as a publication. So this we do now.

What one needs to perform this work is first to download the pdf letter sized 8 1/2 by 11"--letter sized) files. Click to download the complete 9 page score . You can now download the sounds that are the other part of the duet, or stream directly over the internet.


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