Duet No. 1 1964 (One piano 4-hands)

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Published: DA Print

Recorded: Opus One LP (No.103) Duration 14'9"

Premiere: Delphin & Romain Duo Pianists, March 1976, College of Charleston, South Carolina.

Program Notes

Short biography of the composer

This work is available of charge.

A bound professional 10" X 13" hard copy of this work is available from DAPrint for $13.50


Once the work is downloaded and unstuffed, click it and you should be running Adobe Reader. If you wish to print just select the print command, to print out either the music file or the title page and program notes (also available above) file. You may get a printer error message, just click "OK" and the file should print. It will probably take the printer awhile to download all the fonts. We can't figure out what that printing error is when we go to print. Let me know if you figure out why that error message comes up--if you get it.

Title page and program notes; (two pages: 8 1/2 X 11")

Download Music; (35 pages: 8 1/2 X 11") This is a large file (1.1meg.Zip file) ; therefore we have put a up compressed version which opens with Stuffit Expander (Mac, Windows or Linux) which can be downloaded free--click below. There are 2 files for each of the three movements (primo and secondo). (See sample pages below.) Then you will either get busy with the Scotch Tape or a three ring binder or some such, or have pages falling off the piano all over the place. DAPrint will make you a beautiful bound copy for $13.50 + shipping mailed from Omaha.

(If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader click text to the right of the icon for addresses of the free download version which allows any user receive a PDF file.)


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Opening Pages for each part for each movement (I, pages 2 & 3; II, pages 12 & 13; & III, pages 20 & 21)




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