Psalm 134 1962

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Two Choral Anthems: Program Notes

Psalm 134 & Psalm 67

These two a cappella works (the keyboard parts are optional) were written during my days as a student at the University of Michigan in Ann arbor in 1962 and 1963 respectively. They each received the John H. Reid Choral Prize in those first two years, for works written for, and singable by, a church choir. Psalm 134 is the easiest to perform with much stepwise movement to the dissonances from a pedal tone. The second, Psalm 67 is considerably more difficult.


In the best Renaissance tradition, I should think that the choral parts might be well doubled by any instruments one might have around the house: strings, recorders, viols, synthesizers, whatever. The keyboard part is provided to facilitate rehearsal, but may be necessary for performances. In which case it would be best not to play the repetitions of notes and chords, but just to sound the pitches once for each chord to help the singers find the pitches. These days one might best use an synthesizer, or an organ set to blend in with the voices though using a piano is still an option.


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