Organ Symphony 1984 (revised 2002)

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Published: DAPrint Duration:16'

Program Notes:

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Program Notes: This Organ Symphony is the third transformation of a Symphony for school orchestras that was composed in 1963 in Raleigh, North Carolina. Then followed a version for piano duet, published (and available free) as Duet No. 1, for one piano-4hands.. Then followed this version for solo organ. The first movement is a humorous exploration of a major second in a kind of straightforward sonata form with a song like contrasting theme. The second movement is an aria-like extension of the idea of the first movement with block chord interruption before a simplified of the "aria" at the conclusion. The Third movement is a "Saltarello" in which the seconds go wild with a Gypsy-like acceleration into the final cadence. This work owes its existence to Dr. William D. Gudger a colleague here with me at the College of Charleston. He provided the transcription for organ and the extensive, and very creative registration.

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